Sewing, Processing, and Installation Methods Lineview

Sewing and Processing

Line view is a fabric with a width of approximately 1 meter and a length of about 40 meters (1 bolt). We weave alternating belts and cords, so there is always a belt section attached to the top and bottom of the material. In our factory, we finish and ship the material by cutting, sewing, connecting, and cutting the length as needed.

Width cutting

If the width is cut on-site, please take measures such as fraying prevention.

Width connecting

We stitch and connect the belt sections, but it does not affect the appearance of the cords.

Cord cutting

The cords can be cut with scissors, and it will not fray even if left cut.

Special cord cutting

Please provide actual size patterns for cuts involving curves, arches, wavy shapes, etc., other than diagonal straight cuts.

Double layer / Triple layer stitching

To adjust transparency, it is possible to sew by layering.


Curtain hooks (FT)

Using curtain rail / opening or closing

With 8cm wide flat-tape sewn on. Adjustable hooks included (12pcs/m)

*Please specify the width dimension with 3-5% extra compared to the rail width.

The flat-tape has pockets spaced about 1cm apart for inserting hooks, so please insert the adjustable hooks wherever you prefer. A recommended spacing for the adjustable hooks is approximately 8cm. Additionally, when inserting the hooks, that section may bulge, causing the curtain width to slightly shrink. Therefore, please specify the finished width by adding about 3-5% to the length of the rail in advance.

Velcro hook tape (VT)

For clean and flat appearance / Fixed usage

2.5cm wide female tape sewn on the back of the curtain. Adhesive-type male tape* included.
* For attachment on-site.
* For long-term use, we recommend using a rail with built-in male tape.

When directly attaching Velcro hooks to surfaces such as the ceiling, the curtain and Velcro may form an L-shape and easily come off. Therefore, ensure that the attachment area of the Velcro hooks is oriented vertically. Additionally, for long-term use, there is a possibility that the adhesive strength of the male tape may weaken. To reinforce, consider using a rail with built-in male tape, tacking the male tape (staple gun), or employing other suitable methods.

Tube seam(PT)

Installing using a pole or tension rod

Sewn in a tube shape at the top. It can accommodate poles with a diameter of up to 3cm. *

* Adjustable

We typically sew it to accommodate poles with a diameter of up to 3cm, but we can adjust it to be thinner or thicker based on your preferences. The tube seam looks the same from the front and back, allowing for versatile use without worrying about the orientation.


Installing using a pole, tension rod and S-hooks.

You can choose from three sizes of eyelets. Please also specify the spacing and quantity of the eyelets.

Large〈outer diameter 70φ・inner diameter 50φ〉
Medium〈outer diameter 55φ・inner diameter 36φ〉
Small〈outer diameter 23φ・inner diameter 12φ〉

When the eyelets threaded through a pole, the fabric, with a width of 1 meter, drapes to about 70cm, creating a natural drape effect (varies depending on the pole thickness). The eyelets are silver in color. When threading through a pole, you can choose either large or medium eyelets, and the quantity should be an even number. If hanging with S-hooks or similar, please choose small eyelets. In this case, the quantity doesn’t have to be an even number, but be cautious not to space the eyelets too far apart to prevent the curtain from sagging.

Basic specifications

○Material: 100% Polyester FR

○Width: 1 meter (12 strings in 1-inch width)

○Height: 3 or 4 meters (in-stock) custom height available


○Lineview requires no special daily care, but please take note of the following if you choose to wash it.

○When washing, please follow the laundering instructions of the care label which is sewn of the product.

  • If washing, bundle the strings at approximately 1-meter intervals and place them in a laundry net.

  • Please launder by water washing, and refrain from using bleach.

  • Do not tumble dry; please hang dry instead.

  • f you notice wrinkles in the strings, please use a steam iron to smooth them out.