Color Variation A vibrant lineup of 20 colors




banana cream

Golden apricot

Sun Orange


Glass green


Clean water


Princess blue

Honey gold


Red mahogany

Grape juice

Crown navy


Sand green

Bitter chocolate


Basic specifications

  • Material: 100% Polyester FR

  • Width: 1 meter (12 strings in 1-inch width)

  • Height: 3 or 4 meters (in-stock)

  • Production time: 1 week (in-stock items) 2 weeks (not in-stock items)

  • Color variation: 20 colors(custom color available* **)

  • Custom length: From over 4 meters up to 20 meters. Please consult for the production time

* Color chip sample required.

** Minimum order quantity required. Inquire for details.

Tha process for custom color orders


Please provide your desired dimentions, colors, quantity, etc.

2.Quotation and dyeing sample production

We will provide you with a quotation, including the delivery time. If needed, we can make you dyeing samples (at cost) based on color samples such as PANTONE.

3.Confirmation and approval of dyeing samples

Please review the finished dyeing samples.

4.Order placement and production

Once the details are confirmed, please place your order. We will send you an order confirmation. After finalizing dyeing and sewing we will proceed with shipping.

5.Shipping and delivery

We will send you the invoice on the shipping date.

Construction Portfolio

Other Variation

ストリングスカーテン ラインビュー クラシックコレクション ブラック


This is our basic lineup, readily available with a quick turnaround for in-stock items. The sparkling MuFan series features domestically produced threads called 'MuFan,' which are coated with pure silver, imparting an elegant radiance.

ストリングスカーテン ラインビュー DANZOME グラデーション 染め加工


DANZOME, dyed using traditional Japanese hand-dyeing techniques to achieve a gradient effect, creates a space with a translucent quality by varying the concentration of the dye. The basic colors include red, blue, yellow, green, and brown. We also accommodate custom orders for other specific colors.

Digital Print

Our digital printing, utilizing the latest technology, allows you to print your favorite patterns, logos, and more. With a complete data submission process, we create a Line View that is uniquely yours. Embracing the challenge of new expressions in string curtains, we strive for continuous evolution every day.