The string-like curtain commonly seen in beauty salons, restaurants, and various establishments for privacy and partitioning is called the “Line View” string curtain. Currently, it offers a diverse range of expressions such as dyeing and printing, and it is utilized in various settings, from stage decorations to artwork.



All products are flame-retardant and domestically produced in Japan

Every product in the Line View lineup is made with flame-retardant threads, ensuring fire safety. Therefore, there are no limitations on where they can be used, making them suitable for restricted environments such as hospitals, hotels, art galleries, and apartments. Additionally, since all our products are domestically produced by ourselves in Gunma Prefecture in Japan, we can promptly accommodate special sizes, unique colors, and printed patterns.

Versatile in its applications

Our string curtains offer a unique translucent quality ideal for use as partitions. They can be creatively adapted for various purposes, such as enhancing the ambiance of beauty salons or hotels, or serving as decorative ceiling elements resembling chandeliers. Lineview can offer you a diverse way of usage depending on the ideas.

The Lineview lineup offers an unparalleled variety of colors worldwide, utilizing the skills of local craftsmen to create gradient-dyed DANZOME curtains and employing the latest technology for digital printing, allowing customization of patterns. The lineup is extensive, covering a wide range of options. We continue to evolve, exploring expressions that only Lineview can offer.


100% Made in Japan

The Line View curtains are 100% domestically produced. All processes, including warping, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, are carried out in Japan, specifically in the Kiryu region of Gunma Prefecture.

100% Flame Retardant

We exclusively use flame-retardant polyester for all our materials. As our products have obtained the Flame Retardant (Class I) label, they can be used anywhere without concerns about regulations.

Short Lead Time

For any size of in-stock items, we can ship within approximately one week. For made-to-order DANZOME or digital print items, the lead time is around three weeks.

Custom Size Options

Our in-stock items are available up to 4 meters, but we can create curtains up to 20 meters in
length upon request. For DANZOME, we have a production record of up to 5.5 meters, and for printed curtains, we’ve successfully produced sizes up to 14 meters.

The Birthplace of Line View

Supported by tradition and expertise, achieving world-class quality and variety Line View is produced in the Kiryu region of Gunma Prefecture. This area has long been renowned as a center for textiles and played a crucial role in meeting the demand for kimonos in the Edo period, supporting the bustling metropolis of Edo (present-day Tokyo). Although the everyday use of kimonos by the Japanese people has waned over time, the Kiryu region still houses various companies related to the textile industry, with skilled artisans inheriting and passing down their expertise.

Each of these companies, born from the accumulation of tradition and experience, owes its existence to the hands of these artisans. Line View, too, is crafted with the support of these skilled craftsmen, taking inspiration from the rich traditions and experiences of the region. Going forward, Line View aims for further evolution, leveraging this heritage and collaborating more deeply with the local artisans to carry on the legacy.


ストリングスカーテン ラインビュー クラシックコレクション ブラック


This is our basic lineup, readily available with a quick turnaround for in-stock items. The sparkling MuFan series features domestically produced threads called 'MuFan,' which are coated with pure silver, imparting an elegant radiance.


This is a vibrant collection featuring 20 colors inspired by fruit hues. Created to offer a multitude of subtle color choices depending on the nuances of different spaces, it serves as a versatile collection. We also provide customization for made-to-order colors, allowing you to choose the specific shade you desire.

ストリングスカーテン ラインビュー DANZOME グラデーション 染め加工


DANZOME, dyed using traditional Japanese hand-dyeing techniques to achieve a gradient effect, creates a space with a translucent quality by varying the concentration of the dye. The basic colors include red, blue, yellow, green, and brown. We also accommodate custom orders for other specific colors.

Digital Print

Our digital printing, utilizing the latest technology, allows you to print your favorite patterns, logos, and more. With a complete data submission process, we create a Line View that is uniquely yours. Embracing the challenge of new expressions in string curtains, we strive for continuous evolution every day.